16 note in a coordinated way for women with stout bodies

A beautiful woman is a confident woman. Self-confidence really stems from the sense of personal appearance, from the way of expressing personal beauty, not from the slender physique or the overly makeup face. Women – of all sizes – can still be beautiful in their own way.

1. Wear clothes according to physique

One of the important things women should know in advance is how their bodies look: Apples, pears or hourglass …? If you don’t have a curve, you’ll probably need to make use of the clothes to pose for a specific person.
If you own an hourglass, you should show it. You have a pear-shaped appearance, you need to coordinate your clothes to balance your physique.

2. Understand body measurements

Although this is obvious, many women are quite ashamed and confused with body measurements. If you don’t know how you are, it’s time to determine your measurements! Knowing the parameters helps limit the possibility of buying the wrong size when shopping online and when ordering clothes.

3. Know what is right for you

This is obvious that every woman knows very well. The types of costumes, accessories, fashionable colors do not mean that they will match and praise the beauty of women. Some people are beautiful with all the latest trends, but there will also be some that fit a certain dress style. Most importantly, be open and trust your intuition in choice and coordination. As Yves Saint Laurent said: “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” A beautiful woman is a woman whose unique preferences and personal preferences are not outdated.

4. Choose the right underwear

A perfect outfit fills the body shape when you choose the right underwear. Invest in these underwear to help your body look slimmer, choose the right size, fit. The most important thing is that you have to feel comfortable and don’t have to bother adjusting when it goes wrong.

5. Choose outstanding footwear

Don’t go around with some plain colored shoes. It’s time for you to reward yourself with bright shoes, pointed heel shoes, many decorative details … Women have long had the privilege of owning many different shoes, have you forgotten? As well as jewelry and handbags, your casual outfit may look fresher and more luxurious with a statement shoe. Pay attention to the coordination of the famous fashionista and you’ll realize they own statement shoes as much as normal slippery shoes.

6. Take advantage of accessories

If you don’t want to follow fashion in clothing, invest in accessories. Make yourself the leader of the trend with fashion models, bags, glasses, and jewelry. Unlike clothes, accessories are more flexible, easy to use and mix & match. Buy accessories without hassle by buying clothes. Besides, using accessories to increase the value and aesthetics of the dress is a smart step that any discerning lady understands well.

7. Wear clothes that fit your body

Don’t think, to make your body look more compact, you should choose loose clothes. That is very wrong! You should pay attention to the type of clothing that has a subtle, specific and close touch: Not tight. Be bold and confident in your body.

8. Sewing clothes

The size of clothing available in the market is very diverse. So don’t be discouraged when you can’t find a suit that suits “flattering” sizes. Search for reputable tailors to create your own tailored outfit. But don’t forget that the dress must match the clothes you already have. Although it takes more time to buy at the store, you will find that the perfect clothes for you not only help you look slimmer but also help you stand out from everyone. Let your subtle tastes grow.

9. Measurements are just numbers

Indeed, measurements are just numbers set by fashion houses and fashion stores for their products. Currently there are many fashion stores that maintain the design in some sizes, even just one size. Don’t judge the size of your clothes with your eyes, take multiple sizes and try them one by one to know which size is right for you. Feel the fit and comfort of clothes on your body.

10. Choose the appropriate fabric

Bulky skirt, covering the curve is never beautiful. If you choose to make clothes, you should pay attention to the material and quality of the fabric. Keep away from shiny surface fabrics or fabric components that contain lots of polyester. Silk and cotton are two of the natural fabrics you should choose.

11. Change

If you’re bored with your style, change. Change your hair style, change your lip color, change your outfit. Change will definitely make you feel things around become more interesting and you will become more confident.

12. Skillful makeup

Clothes and accessories are just half “beauty” for you. Fresh lips, colorful hands, colored eyes with eyeliner … why not? For daring women, of course there will be unavoidable limitations in dressing but without makeup. Makeup is the easiest way for you to feel more beautiful. Try a day on the road with crimson lips, cat eyes and a thin, transparent background, you will definitely feel very interesting with everyone’s winged compliments.

13. Online Shopping

More and more brands are interested in women “PLUS SIZE”, as evidenced by the websites of fashion brands expanding their measurement systems, adding more sizes. For example: Mango, Warehouse … You can absolutely wear beautiful, though not slim. If you can’t find a fashion store that’s right for you, choose a reputable brand from abroad or a trade center.

14. Ignore the rules

Women’s fashion world has heard, read too much about rules Don’t follow a coordinated way like: Don’t wear horizontal stripes if you have a round figure, … Don’t be too rigid with those rules in the page dress. As mentioned, believe in your intuition. Refer to many international fashion sources, wear what you like, wear what makes you look really more beautiful and more confident. The rule is to break. To change, you must break the rules you set for yourself.

15. Love yourself

Take care of your skin, buy an expensive lipstick, go to the spa, go to the nail salon … these not only make you feel more special but also make you more beautiful. Pay attention to small things, because fashion and aesthetic tastes are expensive depending on the sophistication in detail.

16. Costumes for the present

Never think buying a shirt is smaller than your body size and thinking that you will lose weight to fit them. You spend money to make yourself look better then become more beautiful now. Setting goals for yourself is great, but fashion and beauty means not waiting, which means enjoying the present.